Pharmaceutical companies face a unique scenario in engaging customers while working in a highly regulated environment.  Markify has a deep understanding of this situation and has developed a number of unique services, tailored to healthcare engagement.


Pharma / Healthcare services

Services tailored to specific healthcare challenges


Proud to partners of  PM Society

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markify behavioural science award

Markify is proud to announce they have teamed up with the Pharmaceutical marketing society to evaluate award entries using our markify system. As a result, we will score content behavioural quality using our evidence-based behavioural science framework. The top-performing content will be entered into the markify behavioural science award.


Each brand faces a unique challenge to unlock more sales. Depending upon your brand situation (a few examples below), the behavioural changes required need to be very specific.  

  • The life stage of your product

  • The number of competitors

  • The speed of uptake

  • The level of clinical advocacy

  • The disease area 

Pharma/ Healthcare Marketing


Launch brands

Launching a brand to its full potential requires maximising uptake.  We help brands embed behavioural science to at a strategic level to create maximum behavioural change as quickly as possible.

Growth brands

Growth brands face a wider challenge to get maximum usage of your product and to embed it as prescribing behaviour.  Growth brands need to maximise behavioural change while protecting against the competition.

Maximising LOE / LOE

Brands coming to the end of their patent life need to maximise sales while facing marketing budget reductions.

A behavioural science approach provides a way to have maximum impact on limited budget.

Focused on increasing marketing effectiveness


Behavioural Science Marketing Optimisation

Applying behavioural science to your marketing can boost impact with only minor changes.  We provide a marketing review with clear actionable recommendations to boost your marketing.

Behavioural Science

Sales Force Optimisation

Applying behavioural science to salesforce materials (iPad and remote sales aids, selling playbooks) can significantly increase impact and sales.  

Behavioural Science Digital Optimisation

Digital content is becoming increasingly important in the marketing mix.  We help improve the effectiveness of digital content significantly increasing engagement rates.  


Medical teams and patient services have the challenge of engaging their customers and driving behavioural change. Markify provides a range of unique services to boost the effectiveness of these services by using behavioural science.

Beyond marketing



Medical teams face the challenge of scientific data to healthcare professionals. Applying behavioural science to the planning and execution process significantly increases engagement and impact.

Events / Congress

Event and congress planning (including webinars) has been a challenge for pharma companies to capture attention and drive behavioural change. Markify has number of bolt-on behavioural science services to boost event effectiveness.

Patient Services

Behavioural science can radically increase the effectiveness of patient services.  Adding in the markify services we have improved patient initiation and support materials to significantly reduce patient drop off.