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Apply Behavioural Science to your Strategic Objectives

This week I have been working on a number of brand plans and I noticed a common theme. The strategic objectives were too generic. I took the brand teams through a different approach which makes it more actionable.

Reframing the brand objectives to identify and describe the key behavioural changes they were trying to create added a different dimension to the brand plan. Clearly defining the what the brand wanted the customer to believe, do and feel differently defined a series of behavioural objectives. Adding in the insights of barriers and drivers to change helped to add more detail into how to execute the objective.

A behavioural planning stage to your marketing plan helps you focus your tactics to drive the desired change, unlocking sales. Without it you could be seriously leaking opportunity and sales.

Behavioural science can be applied throughout your marketing and if applied will significantly increase your influence and engagement with your customers.

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