Applying behavioural science

to increase the effectiveness of marketing  



Applying behavioural science

to increase the effectiveness of marketing  


The Solution =

Behavioural Science

Marketing = Behavioural change

(getting people to start buying, buy more, stop buying the competition)

  • Behavioural analysis of customer journey

  • Opportunities to change behaviour

  • Define behavioural objectives & interventions to drive change

Using behavioural science to increase the impact of strategy

  • Measure behavioural quality

  • Increasing engagement & impact

  • Drive behavioural change

The average person is exposed to

4000 -10000

marketing messages a day  

Do you remember any from last week? 

Did any make you do anything differently?

Behavioural Science is the most powerful tool to increase marketing effectiveness

We add a behavioural science lens to your marketing strategy & planning to identify new ways to increase sales.  We help your define tactics/ interventions to change behaviour.

We evaluate your content vs an evidence-based behavioural science framework, scoring behavioural quality.  We make actionable recommendations including how to embed behavioural science to boost performance.


Actionable Recommendations

Our behavioural science experts provide you with actionable recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of your content

Our behavioural science performance system tracks marketing quality over time providing unique strategic insights and recommendations 


Proven Results

Applying behavioural science has seen significant increases in engagement, impact and sales in a wide range of sectors.


As the markify approach focuses on creating behavioural change using behavioural science it can easily be applied to any sector. 

Each brand is unique but here is the impact we made with a B2B brand. Our brief was to apply behavioural science. Increase the effectiveness of the content to ultimately drive engagement and sales.

Asset behavioural quality score

Campaign engagement

Depth of engagement

Impact / 
CTA increase



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