A unique system to improve the quality & effectiveness of your marketing.

Most marketing is ineffective

The biggest driver for effectiveness is quality, yet quality is rarely measured.


The markify system is a strategic tool to equip marketers to evaluate quality, and diagnose how to improve

Marketing functions can continuously improve at a pace and to a degree that suits the team


The marketing challenge

The system helps strategic planning and alignment, tracks the quality and cost of execution, giving you new metrics into the effectiveness of your marketing


markify is a game changer

CEO Global Software Company

It has transformed how we look at and drive our marketing. We can now see the quality of our marketing, what we can stop, what we are doing well and how to improve. It has not only made our marketing more efficient but dramatically increased our sales.



Pharmaceutical Company

A marketing director identified that campaign planning was particularly poor and inefficient in her team. There was a specific target to reduce marketing budget by 15%.


The client was looking for ways to make cuts while having minimum impact on performance.



of assets were realigned to the brand strategy


increase in engagement


increase in quality assets


sales increase above target

“It has not only made our marketing better but dramatically increased our sales”


Only 4% of marketing is effective

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